That is what a book is for. “Venture capital may be the best way to serve the interests of capital, but we need to consider alternative models that prioritize the interests of people.” AI is a mirror, AI is a prison. If you ever want to build anything substantial then the tech has to come last. Coming to a CSS near you. I really don’t. “…an investment in myself.” Read for joy and joy alone. The word “snake” consists of five signs, and three of them are snakes. It’s all about the vibes, man. “Read books, write books, repeat. That’s the deal.” And the fonts that cannot die. The perfect kind of upgrade to a language you can make. And how to impress yourself at 16. “Owning a domain is like planting a tree…” Mark your calendars! I want my website to permanently feel like the wilderness. The end of an era. The Book Cover Review looks great. “Money could not buy a better grumbling outfit.” Pick your suspect, deduce the motive, unmask the awful truth. Work worthy of obsession. “Old-fashioned, unwanted, and ultimately obsolete.” A fabulous book about typewriters. What I should push towards and what I ought to run away from. And the design opportunities after a typeface has been chosen. Cool daffodils and micro-blogs. CSS is getting weird now. I was sent from hell to ruin their lives. Take control of the printing press. And letting time pass over your work. Arc is already real nice but it’s easy to see the future. I struggle to keep my voice steady, I struggle to say the words. Chaos might be a ladder, but design sure ain’t. One of the finest typographic resources on the www. Also, duh, Eleventy is great. And a moment that requires patience. Everything is in boxes now. Extremely, impossibly, fantastically good. Everything is a little too pleasant, a little too nice. Of frontiers yet seen. You can do better than this. Foreboding, nightmarish, unforgettable. Kindness is strategic and necessary. The machines should toil for us. Perhaps he knew of things much worse. I will ascend to Valhalla! I need to hit the emergency break. Prototyping is moving. And how to break free from the grift.