Robin Rendle

I’m a designer at Sentry, staff writer at CSS-Tricks, and my latest project is a newsletter about the web.

About me

This is where I write about everything—front-end development, heartbreak, and RSS, along with other joyous things such as the underbelly of a lowercase A or the swish-swash-swish of an uppercase Q. Speaking of which, the two Qs that I’m using on this very website are from Job Clarendon and National 2.

Anyway, because of this uncordinated mess of distractions, I’ve organized this place into /notes and /essays. Notes are little ideas, blog posts, and links to things that I’m thinking about whilst essays are rambling, bookish-sized projects where I get to experiment with typography and CSS.

Oh and you can reach out via email or @robinrendle.

Quick Notes


What the absolute what.