About me

I’m from the south-west of England, but now I live in cloudy San Francisco where I design things at Sentry whilst I blog alongside the ever-so-lovely team at CSS-Tricks. Here you’ll find an archive of everything I’ve published in the last five years and so I can only offer a word of warning; things certainly got a little weird at one point or another. Over in /notes I write about whatever’s going on in my head at the moment and /essays is where those notes get polished into something a bit more readable.

Also! My current side project is a newsletter all about typefaces and fonts (and what those words mean). It’s for book nerds, typographers, neon light enthusiasts, and for people who have no interest in typography whatsoever. Each week I write about a stroll through the city and a letter that caught my eye, or a beautiful book, or even a wiggly videogame.

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Notes from the field

Fonts in Focus: Louche

An upright italic? Huh, okay. Sure.

Neglect and the Shepard-Risset glissando

Or, the guilt of being worthy.

Okay, sue me!

Sentence by sentence.

The Art of Typewriting


Here, I am king

A shockingly beautiful thing by Jason Farago.