Favorites from the Archive

Whether you’re just starting out building a complicated front-end, or if you’re getting ready to build a style guide at a large organization then hopefully you can learn from some of my mistakes.

There are no heroes or parades for you in this line of work.

A love letter to RSS the community and RSS the technology.

What are the skills we need to contribute to the future of typography? And what do two ghostly figures from the 15th century have to do with that future?

How do I see my website? Well, it’s complicated.

Where was our literary and technological revolution? Where was the future book?

My excitement for a holiday to NYC was of paramount importance then: as someone that comes from a rural area, would I enjoy it? Would I want to emigrate to New York? What would my girlfriend and I find there? Would she move in with me once we came back or would we just throw caution to the wind and move to America and work together?

Make a note of your favourite writers. Now, read their first names aloud.

Somehow I’ve found myself in a room bustling with all the languages of Europe—they’re mixing out in the dusty air around me; Dutch and German, Greek and French, others are arguing in Romanian (or perhaps Italian) whilst they nudge past their elderly counterparts, tourists speaking English. Although they all share their incompatible language with a neighbour, everyone around me can somehow communicate quite easily.

These pages that hijack the scroll might look like slides from shiny keynote presentations but as websites they are the usability equivalent of nails on a chalkboard.

During my holiday I went back to the town I grew up in and listened to the sirens from the Blitz that are still operational and are tested once a week.

Adventures in Typography

My weekly newsletter is all about, well, typography, yes. But it’s also about publishing and graphic design. It’s about calligraphy and lettering, display type and micro type (and what those words mean). It’s a newsletter for book nerds, typographers, and neon light enthusiasts. If you’ve somehow found yourself here then I think you might like it.