August 2018

And Introducing

I made a quick microsite for Jez Burrows’ new Kickstarter campaign and art book, And Introducing. Jez describes this peculiar thing as “an art book that collects over 2,500 unlikely, unfortunate, or unintelligible casting credits from almost a century of cinema history.” The book ends up being wonderfully funny and strange when you read that someone in a real honest-to-goodness movie was credited as playing ‘Reluctant Surgeon’ or ‘Dank Jimmy.’

Jez came to me with the pitch: he wanted us to build a microsite that would market his book and he wanted it to imitate the scroll of an end-of-movie credits sequence. So we paired on it and after a couple of hours we had something that looked pretty fun and interesting and in my opinion added to the peculiar comedy of the book’s content.

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