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I loved this episode of the Rework podcast about the release of HEY World. Here’s how it works: once you've signed up for a HEY email account you can then send an email to Your message will become a webpage (like a blog post) which people can then sign up to and receive notifications via RSS or email (like a newsletter).

Spoilers: I love this idea.

Besides how neat that is (tying blogging to your email address) there's this other remarkable thing about how this is built: There's no JavaScript! No ads! No analytics! No cookies! Each post on HEY World is devoid of popups, too. And it's simply bonkers to me that this feels like a new kind of software; a fresh and exciting website with no junk.

This is probably the biggest indictment of modern web design...when you take the web back to 1.0 and it feels new again.

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