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Hyperbolic Time Chamber v.4

The Hyperbolic Time Chamber

I’ve been patiently watching the chart; a little up, a little down, then swoosh! and to the right. Over a couple of days the line obnoxiously refuses to budge down but then—baboom!—drops to a new low. My plan hasn’t changed, my routine is the same, but the data fluctuates wildly. And just as I feel like I’ve made substantial progress—at last, finally!—the chart jolts up in the wrong direction again.

Bodies are so weird.

Anyway this reminds me that you have to see data as a model of the world, but not the world itself. Progress can be made and not reflected in the data at all; we might be measuring the wrong things, we might not be giving it the right inputs, and the worst thing is: many problems cannot be measured at all.

All this is to say that I had my first really difficult day with it yesterday. My confidence was completely shook for no real reason. Today I’ll be taking my first day off exercise for almost a month. Tomorrow I’ll try again.

Workout stats for this week

This week I started work at Sentry. And dear lord I love it already. Although, I am pretty nervous. The next few weeks is all about taking furious notes and talking to absolutely everyone; understanding the problem, figuring out what needs to get built and why, and how I fit into things.

It’s certainly very exciting.

I began watching Halt and Catch Fire this week (no spoilers, please) and I’m completely obsessed with it. It began with a small love, all the way up until the moment that Joe says “computers aren’t the thing, they’re the thing that gets you to the thing.” From that moment on I loved just the absolute heck out of it.

In fact, I see too much of myself in Joe that it’s worrying me a bit. The self-destructive behavior I mean, the ruthless ambition, the only value you have for yourself being found in the work.

Anyway, this show captures something else beyond the tech and the computers. It’s not really a show about computers at all, it’s a show about Being in The Room: the feeling of being where you need to be, where you’re surrounded by smart people who care far too much, the sort of people who are always crunching on a problem, always spinning it around in their heads. Nothing else matters besides The Problem and Being in the Room. It’s all about the typing, the arguing. The pushing whatever the thing is forward, every inch by bloody inch.

That thrill of Being in the Room is better than any drug, it’s better than sex, and this show is the first I’ve seen to capture that feeling, to bottle it all up.

I have to read The Humane Interface and Close to the Machine again now huh. Okay, fine.

I haven’t played Half-Life: Alyx yet. But here’s a locomotion deep dive, about all the things the team discovered as they were figuring out what VR even is. It’s super interesting — especially the bit about how a player’s height influences their decision making process.

We just published two things I wrote for CSS-Tricks: how to make a CSS-only carousel and how we could use variable fonts when we’re designing for dark mode. I’ll be sure to expand upon that last post for Adventures this week.

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