About me

Bio + history

I spent most of my early childhood growing up on a big patch of land in the tail end of Devon. As lonely kids are often captivated by stories, I was mesmerised by the tales in books and the narratives I soaked up through television. The methods that reproduced them were fascinating, too. Reading, writing, designing, programming, all of these activities seemed to be inseparable from one another. As a result I feel uncomfortable today describing what I do on a daily basis; calling myself a web designer, developer, or a writer just sounds icky to me.


All fonts are served via Typonine with titling faces being set in Nocturno Display whilst running text is set in Nocturno.

This website was created with Siteleaf, a fantastic CMS by the guys at Oak. All assets are supercharged by the Cloudflare CDN. The front-end architecture is based on the atomic Sass framework and all of the code can be found on GitHub.