My name’s Robin and I’m a web designer from the UK. Around these parts I write about my adventures in typography, reading and web design whilst elsewhere I’ve been fortunate enough to write for publications such as Smashing Magazine, CSS Tricks and Typographica.

  • You can find me on Twitter: @robinrendle
  • Fork my work over on Github
  • Or feel free to contact me about a cool project by email

Bio + history

Originally I’m from Devon where I grew up on a big patch of land in the middle of nowhere. As lonely kids are often captivated by stories, I was mesmerised by the tales in books and the narratives I soaked up through television. The methods that reproduced them were fascinating, too. Reading, writing, designing, programming, all of these activities seemed to be inseparable from one another. As a result I feel uncomfortable today describing what I do on a daily basis; calling myself a web designer, developer, or a writer just sounds icky to me.


All fonts are served via Hoefler & Co with titling faces being set in Ideal Sans whilst running text is set in the luscious Mercury ScreenSmart.

This website was created with Siteleaf, a fantastic CMS by the guys at Oak. All assets are supercharged by the Cloudflare CDN. The front-end architecture is based on the atomic Sass framework and all of the code can be found on GitHub.